Handcrafted by passionate artisans in Antwerp.

Luxury cufflinks
THAT are all about you

Your personality. Your style. Your legacy.

“Our cufflinks are all about craftsmanship. Everything we do starts with the quality and then we add the art.”

David Gotlib

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The David Gotlib Cufflinks Collection

Designed to capture and reflect three types of personalities.

You prefer to keep it simple and elegant to reflect your timeless style

Your curiosity and imagination let you see the world differently

Being fearless and confident are your best traits. Dare to be yourself

“We want to dress you for the situation of life.”

David Gotlib

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In our atelier in Antwerp, a team of passionate artisans meticulously crafts every single pair of cufflinks by hand. With a tremendous respect for their trade, they treat every single pair as if it’s their last.
We guarantee:
Sustainable, ethically sourced diamonds

Certified by IGI laboratory

Certificate of authenticity with every purchase

“Inheriting my grandfather’s cufflinks left a profound impression on me, inundating me with cherished memories of his vibrant personality and unwavering optimism. It served as the spark behind the inception of my luxury cufflink brand – a tribute to his legacy and a means to inspire others to embrace the joy of expressing their personality through miniature works of art.”


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