David’s vision

A love of diamonds, an appreciation for art and the desire to find a meaningful way to capture the essence of individual style are all important influences impacting David Gotlib’s creative vision.

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Capturing Emotion

David’s life’s purpose would become clear when after the passing of his beloved grandfather, the cufflinks that were passed down to him – full of memories that continue to instill optimism – served as the emotional catalyst for deciding to embark on creating his own collection of cufflinks. But he knew they had to be different and their distinguishing characteristics had to convey “an extra special feeling.”

timeless beauty

“I wanted to make art for people who value diamonds and handcrafted gold in the same passionate
way I do”

Evoking emotion and timeless beauty, The DAVID GOTLIB Cufflinks Collection is made with affection and an unmistakable eye for detail that, without a doubt, lets the wearer feel special. Every pair of cufflinks brings a sense of joy meant to be shared as these diamond collectibles are intended to become a legacy for the future.

A love of diamonds

Shaped by generations of exposure to his family diamond trading business – and cultural influences nurtured by his mother – this third-generation Antwerp-based diamantaire often relies on architecture and nature to inspire his designs.

From geometric to organic shapes, whether playful or symbolic

David Gotlib’s expressive style and outstanding craftsmanship reflect an aesthetic characterized by chic refinement, innovative settings and unmatched elegance that reflects his passion for diamonds.

freedom & self-expression

“My cufflinks can be worn on any occasion, with a suit at work or jeans at a party and with any type of clothing – wherever you want to demonstrate your exquisite taste for style and art”

Set in 18k gold with an array of dazzling diamonds and gemstones, the versatility and contemporary sophistication of his collection is deliberate and empowering.

David Gotlib sees the freedom of self-expression in fashion as a way to authentically capture a sense of individuality.

Whether buying or gifting a pair of cufflinks. More than ever people are looking for that “extra something” to complete an outfit that showcases the true nature of their personality and reflects their good taste. David Gotlib makes that possible with the “finishing touch” – cufflinks that are an extraordinary personal style statement both relevant and enduring.